News listing for $100 million turns out to be fake

This past Monday caused quite a stir in the domain market. A listing appeared on the site of the largest domain registrar, GoDaddy, showing that was up for sale for $100 million. Given the popularity of the cryptocurrency, it stands to reason that the domain could have easily found a buyer even for such a high price.

However, the historic deal never took place. The domain’s owner, Roger Ver, said was not for sale. “100% fake news,” he told The Block. Ver also showed The Block screenshots in which he is messaging GoDaddy, saying: “Why are you listing my domain name for sale? It isn't for sale,” and “Please remove this fake news that is damaging my real brand.”

The listing has already been removed, but it remains a mystery how it appeared at all. GoDaddy did not respond to numerous media requests for comment. One can assume that this whole story was a fairly belated April Fools' joke.

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