.IS ccTLD fee increases for the first time

The Board of Directors of ISNIC, the registry of the Icelandic ccTLD .IS, has decided to raise the domain fee in the zone due to the constant increase in operating cost – especially labor costs – which has gone up about 42 percent over the last six years, according to the national statistics.

Online Domain notes that this is the first time the domain, which was delegated in 1986, has ever increased its fee. Previously the domain fee decreased several times, because ISNIC had set quite a high initial price: back in 2008, the annual domain fee in .IS ran 83 euros.

After the increase, the annual domain fee will be ISK 6,293 (including VAT) for citizens and national entities, or 31.90 euros (without VAT) for foreign registrants. As of today, there are slightly over 75,000 domains in the Icelandic ccTLD. It may be recalled that in 2007-2010, McAfee regularly included .IS in the top ten safest gTLDs.

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