Security of digital products: Industry and enhancing trust

IGF 2020 hosted a section, Security of Digital Products: Industry and Enhancing Trust, where participants discussed best practices and what companies experience when creating sustainable and ethical digital products and services. Representatives of DiploFoundation Vladimir Radunovic and Marilia Maciel moderated the session, which was based on the project Geneva Dialogue on Responsible Behavior in Cyberspace and implemented by the Swiss Federal Department of Foreign Affairs and DiploFoundation.

Session participants addressed best corporate practices, particularly in defining key terms, and building the capacity and culture of cyber security in the private sector.

According to Anastasia Kazakova (Kaspersky Lab), the Geneva Dialogue project plays a major role in facilitating the discussion of industry best practices and eliminating vulnerabilities. She stressed that one of the important issues is what level of security is optimal according to governments, as well as what certificates and standards must be passed and what technical requirements must be met. Europe already has good examples of creating such products, but active implementation is hampered by the lack of an institutional framework and clear guidelines on what needs to be done to achieve an optimal level of security.

Anastasia noted that security levels can be increased through creating an ecosystem of trust with the participation of many stakeholders, one example being the Geneva Dialogue project. She said that participation in the project gave her an opportunity to get acquainted with the experience of such companies as Siemens and Microsoft and was useful for exchanging views. “I think even if small startups work together with the government, this will provide more opportunities for development and will fill in the gaps that exist in the industry, as well as the expansion of information exchange and cooperation,” said Anastasia Kazakova.

The session’s participants agreed that today it is trust that is at the center of the discussion, and that it is important to remember that this is a human problem, not a technological one, and that the starting point for building trust are norms capable of facilitating multilateral cooperation. An environment must be created in which balanced cooperation between government and industry can be realized. Promoting best practices can help other companies improve their own processes as well. It is important to clarify the basic requirements for digital products, while taking into account technical issues as well as global principles and regulations. Companies need to build up capacity both in terms of meeting basic requirements and participating in multilateral processes.

The Coordination Center for TLD .RU/.РФ also pays great attention to security issues and increasing the level of trust in the network and therefore actively cooperates with Kaspersky Lab within the Institute of Competent Organizations and on other projects.

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