News could be sold for £2 million

Domain Investing reported that the biggest domain deal of the year could take place this week. Last Friday,, which is up for auction on the Sedo trading platform, received a bid of £2 million ($2,436,600 at the current rate). is an extremely valuable domain, and many observers believe that the offer is fair, if not on the low side. Last year, this domain name was also up for auction and had a bid of $3 million. However, it did not sell: the Whois records do not indicate that the domain changed owner in 2019.

Now it is highly likely that the domain will be sold. First, as follows from Sedo, the offer exceeds the minimum price for which the domain owner is ready to sell it. And second, customers planning to purchase domains for over £10,000 must undergo additional certification to confirm their solvency and serious intent, according to Sedo rules. The bidder for obviously passed this certification. The auction is due to close this week, and if the deal goes through, then it has excellent chances of becoming the largest transaction this year (of those announced publicly). For now,, acquired in March for €554,000, tops the ranking of the largest sales of the year.

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