There are no Reserved domain names at Top level domain .RU

Archieved document:

The List of Reserved domain names

(registered for special use)

(effective date October 01, 2009 - expired September 01, 2018)

  1. Generic domain names

    Domain names for special use designed for registering third-level domain names for industrial, departmental and other needs. – for research companies; for colleges and academies; for cultural agencies conducting scientific research. – for institution with license for educational activity. – for international organizations.

  2. Domain names for government needs

    Administration of registered domain names for government needs performed and according by the rules established by the relevant state agencies. Registered for government needs: – for federal state agencies of Russian Federation; – for Armed forces of Russian Federation;

  3. Domain names which registered for technical use

    A number of domain names are registered for technical use or other needs (for illustrative examples, e.t.c.). Registered for technical use: – may be used as illustrative examples in documents.

Reserved domain names (till October 01, 2009)