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.ДЕТИ is a generic top level domain and it is used for addressing Russian-language sites for children and about children. This gTLD domain operates for the benefit of parents as well as government, public and commercial organizations in education, development or social adaptation of children and adolescents.

The mission of .ДЕТИ is to create an internet space of trust, to improve the experience of using the internet for children and adolescents, and bring together a variety of high-quality content in a single place.
Another important goal of .ДЕТИ is to make internet use easy and safe for children and teenagers. It uses a software package for monitoring malicious activity so as to prevent illegal actions in the domain space.

.ДЕТИ Registry

The Smart Internet Foundation, established by the Coordination Center for TLD .RU/.РФ in 2012 to develop the children's internet in Russia and support online humanitarian projects, is the administrator of the .ДЕТИ gTLD.

Domain name registration in .ДЕТИ

Second-level domain names in .ДЕТИ are delegated in accordance with the Terms and Conditions of Domain Name Registrations in .ДЕТИ gTLD.
To register a .ДЕТИ domain name an application must be filed with one of the registrars accredited by ICANN and the Smart Internet Foundation.
Domain names in the .ДЕТИ can be registered by individuals and legal entities, regardless of whether they are residents of the Russian Federation or not.
The existing restrictions are mainly technical in nature:

  • a domain name must contain at least three characters;
  • its Punycode must contain no more than sixty three (63) characters;
  • a domain name must start and end with a letter or digit;
  • must contain only Russian letters, including “ё” (not case sensitive).

The registration application for a domain name in the .ДЕТИ must contain, along with the administrator's details, a description of the purpose of registration (no more than 150 characters, including spaces), which corresponds to the .ДЕТИ Mission and Values.