Official documents


of the application of par. 5.7 of the Terms and Conditions of Domain Name Registration in .RU and .РФ

The Coordination Center and the accredited registrars lack the legal authority to determine whether a domain name is being used for fraudulent purposes or whether third-party rights are being violated. The domain name registrant enjoys all the rights and bears all the obligations regarding the use of the domain name, and is thus liable for all actions involving the domain name.

In accordance with par. 5.7 of the Terms and Conditions of Domain Name Registration in .RU and .РФ, the registrar may terminate domain name delegation upon receiving a substantiated request from an organization designated by the Coordinator as a competent organization for identifying online violations, if the request claims that the delegated information system is being used for one of the following purposes:

  1. receiving from third parties (users of the system) confidential information by misleading them regarding the system’s affiliation (authenticity) by using similar domain names, design or content (phishing);
  2. unauthorized access to third party (users, visitors) information systems or for infecting these systems with malware or taking control of such software (botnet control);
  3. distribution of materials containing child pornography.

The list of competent organizations is available on the Coordinator’s website.

Upon receipt of a claim from a competent organization, the registrar shall send to the domain name registrant a notification with the text of the claim attached thereto and, where necessary, request from the registrant documents confirming the identification data on the registrant from the registry. The registrar shall immediately notify the registrant by e-mail of the termination of delegation and indicate the cause of termination.

The Registrar can resume domain name delegation as per the agreement when the cause of suspension has been dealt with.