About Coordination Center for TLD .RU / .РФ
What is a national registry?

A national registry manages one or several country-code Top Level Domains (ccTLDs); the registry works under a formal agreement with ICANN and is designated as ccTLD manager in IANA’s root zone database. The purpose of a national registry is to ensure the reliable operation of a country-code domain and establish registration terms and conditions for second-level domains within the TLD it manages. In addition, a national registry operates a single database of registered second-level domain names within its country-code domain zone, and supports their operation on the internet. Coordination Center for TLD .RU / .РФ is the national registry for Russia, and the country-code domains it manages are .RU and .РФ.

What does Coordination Center for TLD .RU / .РФ do?

Coordination Center for TLD .RU / .РФ Autonomous Non-Profit Organization (CC for TLD .RU / .РФ) manages the ccTLDs .RU and .РФ, a Cyrillic domain zone. The main purpose of CC for TLD .RU / .РФ is to provide for the reliable and stable operation of DNS infrastructure within the Russian segment of the internet. CC for TLD .RU / .РФ develops and enacts regulations for .RU and .РФ country-code domains, issues accreditation to registrars and promotes progressive projects to develop Russian TLDs.

What TLDs does CC for TLD .RU / .РФ manage?

CC for TLD .RU / .РФ manages two Russian ccTLDs: .RU and .РФ

When was CC for TLD .RU / .РФ established and for what purpose?

Coordination Center for TLD .RU / .РФ was established in 2001. It was co-founded by a number of Russian non-profit organizations: the Regional Non-Governmental Center of Internet Technologies, the Union of Internet Operators, the Association of Documental Telecommunications, and the RIPN Network Information Center. CC for TLD .RU / .РФ was established to develop new terms and conditions for second-level domain name registration, create a distributed system of registrars and manage all initiatives within the .RU country-code domain in a professional manner.

Where does the CC for TLD .RU / .РФ derive its authority to act as national registry?

On February 18, 2009, Coordination Center for TLD .RU / .РФ signed an agreement on interaction with the Ministry of Communications and Mass Media of the Russian Federation with a view to agreeing on the basic principles for developing the domain name registration system in the .RU country-code domain and improving its technological infrastructure with due regard for mutual interests and the need to promote ties between all stakeholders within the Russian internet community and Russia’s government agencies. On April 7, 2010, CC for TLD .RU / .РФ signed an agreement on interaction with the Ministry of Digital Development, Communications and Mass Media of the Russian Federation on managing the .РФ domain.

Who makes decisions in the CC for TLD .RU and how?

The General Founders Meeting is the Center’s highest governing body.

The General Founders Meeting is vested with authority to address essential matters such as setting priority areas of activity for the Center, determining methods of forming and using its assets, amending the Articles of Association of CC for TLD .RU / .РФ, reorganizing and liquidating the Center, appointing a Director and other matters.

CC for TLD .RU / .РФ also has a permanent collegiate body within the organization called the Council. It consists of a maximum of seventeen (17) members. Each of the founders is represented on the Council by two members, with one appointed from among internet industry experts. The Director is an ex-officio Council member who can also appoint one Center employee and one internet industry expert as Council members.

The Council decides on matters that are designated as falling within its competence by the General Founders Meeting, the Articles of Association and/or the applicable law. In particular, the Council approves mandatory documents on managing country-code domain names, including but not limited to documents on domain name registration within the country-code domains of the Russian Federation and documents on the accreditation of registrars.

The CC for TLD .RU / .РФ Director is appointed by the General Founders Meeting for a three-year term, and acts as a single-member executive body, exercising all the rights and obligations delegated to the single-member executive body of a legal entity under applicable law. The Director is the Center’s single-member executive body and is in charge of running the Center’s day-to-day affairs and exercising all rights and obligations delegated to the single-member executive body of a legal entity. The Director must have a higher education degree. The Director’s duties primarily focus on matters related to the organization’s business operations.

Advisory bodies (working groups and committees) operate within the CC for TLD .RU / .РФ for reviewing projects related to administrative and technical aspects of domain name registration in .RU and .РФ domains.

Does the CC for TLD .RU / .РФ accept domain name registration applications?

CC for TLD .RU / .РФ does not offer domain name registration services. This service is provided by registrars, i.e., organizations accredited by CC for TLD .RU / .РФ to perform this duty. The full list of accredited registrars is available here.

Does CC for TLD .RU / .РФ accept complaints against registrars?

Yes it does. To ask a question or file a complaint, use the feedback form or send us a letter at info@cctld.ru. Every submission receives a case number and is forwarded to the CC for TLD .RU / .РФ support team. When sending a comment, make sure to provide

  • the sender’s full name
  • the contact details for follow-up communications or replies
  • the registrar's full name
  • a detailed description of the facts and circumstances that describe the problem; if possible, attach your correspondence with the registrar (if any).

Official inquiries or complaints can be addressed to the Coordination Center for TLD .RU / .РФ Autonomous Non-Profit Organization at 127083 Moscow, 8 Marta str., 1 bld. 12.

What impact do accredited registrars have on CC for TLD .RU / .РФ?

Accredited registrars are one of the primary development drivers of the domestic domain market. They are the point of contact for end users offering domain name registration and support services. A Registrars Committee as an advisory body has existed within CC for TLD .RU / .РФ for many years. It brings together representatives of the accredited registrars. Established in 2004, it engages registrars in efforts to elaborate administrative and technological aspects of domain name registration and support systems within Russia’s country-code domain zones.

How does CC for TLD .RU / .РФ cater to the interests of the internet community?

First, members of the CC for TLD .RU / .РФ Council reflect the interests of the internet community, since each of the founders is represented on the Council by two members, with one appointed from among internet industry experts (experts in developing address and domain space, prominent figures from the Russian internet community). Second, CC for TLD .RU / .РФ creates standing and ad hoc working groups to draft various regulations and respond to the most urgent matters related to domain name system operation. Working groups usually include recognized internet experts, representatives of major online companies and invited professionals. Third, CC for TLD .RU / .РФ has a system for collecting feedback from internet users, enabling them to submit their inquiries and comments to CC for TLD .RU / .РФ. In addition to this, CC for TLD .RU / .РФ organizes and takes part in various public events, including conferences, roundtable discussions and press conferences, to discuss the most topical matters related to the development of the internet and the domain space in Russia and internationally with a wide range of stakeholders.

What is the process for changing Domain Name Registration Terms and Conditions for TLDs, and how domain registrants (internet users) are notified of these changes?

As a national registry, CC for TLD .RU / .РФ sets the basic principles and rules for domain name registration within the country-code domain it manages. In this way, it engages in an ongoing effort to devise and update regulations, among which the Terms and Conditions of Domain Name Registration are a fundamental instrument. These terms and conditions can be amended by a resolution passed by the CC for TLD .RU / .РФ Council. However, before Council members adopt or even review amendments of this kind, they are subjected to a careful and thorough analysis by legal professionals, internet experts, registrar representatives, etc., who all contribute to the drafting of amendments. Registrars are notified of any amendments or supplements to the Terms and Conditions at least 30 days before they come into force. In addition, paragraph 3.18 of the Accreditation Agreement stipulates that CC for TLD .RU / .РФ may decide to enact changes and supplements without delay in exceptional circumstances. Users receive notifications from registrars at least 10 days before the amendments and supplements come into effect. Notification on amendments to the Terms and Conditions are also published on the CC for TLD .RU / .РФ website, as well as on the websites of registrars. It is common practice for registrars to send additional email notifications to their customers.