Domain .RU: the boundary of 4 000 000 domain names has been overwhelmed


On 17 September 2012 an important event occurred in Russian domain space: a four-million–name was registered in domain .RU. The previous boundary of 3 500 000 domain names was marked in domain .RU 11 months ago.

By the number of registered domain names Russian ccTLD .RU currently takes the 6th position among world ccTLDs and the 10th among all gTLDs. The rate of growth of ccTLD .RU in 2012 has and the annual growth of domain names accounts for 16%. It is one of the highest figures among major ccTLDs.

“4 000 000 domain names in .RU prove that Russian ccTLD is popular with users. Moreover, there are more than 800 000 domain names in the Cyrillic domain .РФ, therefore the total number of Russian domain names is coming to 5 000 000. It means that Internet in Russia is growing at high rate: the number of Internet users is growing, the interest of Russians in the network as a communication means is increasing and the domain names are more and more used for business development,” said CEO of Coordination Center for TLD .RU/.РФ Andrey Kolesnikov.