The application window to operate the new Top-Level Domains will become one of the main events of Domain Industry in 2012


On 13 January the Coordination Center for TLD RU/РФ held a press conference “Domain spaces administration strategy in 2012” in the ITAR-TASS press center, which was attended by leading domain industry experts, technical experts, registrars’ and NGO representatives. Andrey Kolesnikov, the CC’s CEO, opened the press conference by outlining main developments facing the society in 2012. He believes that the most important one will be the application window to operate the new top-level domains, which had opened the day before. “According to our estimates, a total of 1,000-4,000 applications, will be submitted to ICANN from January to April 2012, - noted A. Kolesnikov. –There won’t be many applications from Russia, only from about 10 companies, and the chance for their submission is fairly high.” Within the application window, the Coordination Center for TLD RU/РФ will be busy with the gTLD .ДЕТИ project. The application for this top-level domain will be submitted by a specially established for this purpose Smart Internet Foundation in February 2012.

Vladimir Mamontov, President of the editorial office of daily “Izvestia”, a member of the RF Public Chamber and the future head of the Smart Internet Foundation, emphasized a paramount importance of this type of domain for various categories of users, including both children and parents, and the government. “We are already backed by the RF Ministry of Telecommunications and Mass Media, which is essential. What we should bear in mind is that we are creating this platform for our children. We’ll do our utmost to make it interesting and useful.”

Sergey Plutogarenko, the RAEC’s CEO, elaborated on the NGOs’ role in the Internet governance system, whose development is impossible without business, state and society’s co-engagement. He also enumerated all fundamental events that took place in the industry in 2011. Alexey Skvortsov, Commercial Director of Hosing Community group of companies, noted important marketing aspects with respect to new domain zones.

Marina Nikerova, First Deputy CEO of “Technical Center of Internet” CJSC, was next to speak.  “Now, due to the launch of new domains, the issue of increased resilience and stability of a registry, the DNS system’s development and deployment of new services for the domain industry comes to the fore,” – noted she. - That's what we are going to come to grips with in the New Year.”

Pavel Khramtsov, Director of the Information Policy of RU-CENTER, related about yet another two new gTLDs his company is going to apply for this year, that is, .МОСКВА and .MOSCOW.

The last speaker at the press conference, Alexey Koroluyk, CEO of REG.RU, briefed the attendees on the secondary market of domain names registration. “Now that new TLDs and IDN TLDs have been up and running, we face unusual challenges and issues, which are all but exciting to tackle,” – noted he.