Group-IB to help combating cibercrime in domains .РФ and .RU


The Coordination Center for TLD RU and Group-IB have signed an agreement on combating cyber threats in domains .РФ and .RU.

According to the agreement, Group-IB will unravel cases of phishing, unauthorized access to information systems and spread of malicious content from domain names registered in zones .РФ and .RU. In the event of exposure of violations, Group-IB will analyze obtained information and report it to the registrars. The latter in their turn may discontinue domain names delegation in compliance with the new Terms and conditions of domain names registration in domains .РФ and .RU. It is worth noting that information reported to the registrars will be of advisory nature.

Thanks to the new agreement the Russian segment of Internet will become safer: Group-IB’s support will help the registrars to promptly react to domains administrators‘ potential violations “Our experts have an impressive experience in the 24/7 exposure of various kinds of malicious resources. This will enable registrars to promptly receive necessary information, - comments Ilya Sachkov, CEO of Group-IB. - A new partnership allows resisting violations in Runet at a qualitatively new level and help protect domestic users from cyber criminals.”

“The Group-IB’s capabilities and technology of detection of cyber threats upgrade the security of Russian national domain zones. At the same time, their efficient methods include a holistic set of tools designed to analyze facts and signals to determine the degree of a threat and make effective decisions, - says Andrei Kolesnikov, the CC’s CEO. - Our common goal is to make a safer Internet, and the common regulation with Group-IB will help in this regard.”
Earlier, the CC signed similar agreement with the “Friendly Runet” Foundation, a division of the Safe Internet league.
Group-IB is a non-governmental organization providing consulting services in the sphere of information security breaches. Since 2010 the company forms part of LETA Group. On the basis of Group-IB, CERT-GIB operates as the center of information security 24/7.