IDN development concerns many countries in the region


Collaboration on Universal Acceptance is expanding. In September, the Universal Acceptance Regional Coordination Group of CIS and Eastern Europe accepted new participants: Sergo Karakozov (.გე), Svetlana Tkachenko (.UA), Dana Ludviga (.LV), Vaidotas Jakuska (.LT) and Goran Milankovic (.СРБ, .RS). Currently, the group comprises representatives from eight countries (Russia, Armenia, Belarus, Ukraine, Georgia, Serbia, Lithuania and Latvia) and 13 IDN top-level domains (.РФ, .МОСКВА, .ДЕТИ, .SU, .հայ,. BEL, .UKR, .UA, .გე, .СРБ, .RS, .LT and .LV).

According to Maria Kolesnikova, who heads the group, its future plans include strengthening international cooperation and working with the Universal Acceptance Steering Group as part of a program to support local initiatives. “Interaction between different companies and organizations at both the regional and global levels is very important to ensure equal support for all domains and email addresses in all applications. Now our main efforts are aimed at sustainable cooperation with hosting providers and email service providers to implement and provide EAI services to end users, as well as with software developers and system administrators to adapt the Universal Acceptance principles in any software products and applications. This way we will be able to provide full support for top-level domains and email addresses using symbols of national alphabets,” Maria Kolesnikova said.

The decision to establish the Universal Acceptance Regional Coordination Group of CIS and Eastern Europe was made on April 7, 2019, on the anniversary of the .RU domain. The group addresses the universal acceptance of new and internationalized top-level domains (IDNs) as well as email addresses (EAI).