Internet For Everybody


On September 19, 2019, Internet For Everybody will premiere at the House of Cinema. This short social film is a joint project of the Coordination Center for TLD .RU/.РФ and the Social Film Foundation and marks the 25th anniversary of the Russian national domain .RU.

Internet For Everybody is an anthology of short stories about people from all over Russia whose lives have changed dramatically since the time when the internet came to Russia. The film focuses on the idea that the internet and modern technology are becoming a means of social mobility thanks to which anybody can become who they want to be.

CCTLD.RU/.РФ Director Andrei Vorobyov commented: “Internet For Everybody is a revelation of sorts. It demonstrates how something as basic as an internet connection can change a person’s life. Modern society has reached a true social breakthrough over the 25 years since the launch of .RU, which the film is dedicated to. The opportunities provided by the internet are hard to overrate, which our film clearly illustrates. We are glad to be working with director Mikhail Komlev who addressed the characters’ issues in a very professional and sensitive manner. We really hope that the audience will enjoy Internet For Everybody and contribute to making the internet available to anyone.”