New GTLD .skolkovo is set for registration as soon as possible


On 5 March 2011 the Skolkovo Foundation, dispatched a letter to ICANN wherein it expressed its intension to register gTLD .skolkovo. Mr. Rod Beckstrom, the ICANN CEO, answered the letter. Rod Beckstrom noted the Russian business community’s keen interest in the new gTLD implementation program, which provides for registration of new domain zones. While this program has not yet been approved by the ICANN, Rod Beckstrom expressed confidence that the decision regarding this program will be taken in the near future.

The Second Russian Internet Governance Forum (RIGF-2011), which is to take place on 12 May 2011 at Expocentr Krasnaya Presnya will deal with urgent issue of the Internet development in Russia and globally, including the development of the global Internet space. Registration of a new Russian gTLD .skolkovo will be one of the Forum’s topics. Mr. Peter Dengate Thrush, the ICANN’s Board Chairman, and George Sadowsky, member of the Board of Directors, may provide answers regarding this domain in their addresses to the Forum attendees.

In his letter, Rod Beckstrom has expressed a positive view of cooperation between the Skolkovo Foundation and the Coordination Center for ccTLD .RU on registration of the new gTLD and has also emphasized the Coordination Center’s serious practical experience in registration of the new domain zone .РФ, which will be very useful for registration of gTLD .skolkovo.

Having launched its own domain zone, the “Russian Silicone Valley” will be the first research center of this kind to operate its own top level domain.