DNS Flag Day will not be a problem for .RU and .РФ domains


This Friday, February 1, a global update of the domain name system protocol is planned – the so-called DNS Flag Day. On that day, DNS software and service providers will remove accommodations for non-compliant DNS implementations (not responding to requests from EDNS) from their software. The developers of the most common DNS resolvers (BIND, PowerDNS, Knot, and Unbound) have agreed to coordinate the release of their new accommodation-free versions on February 1, 2019.

Alexander Venedyukhin, a leading analyst at the Technical Center of Internet who researched this problem along with the TLD .RU / .РФ Coordination Center, explains in more detail what will happen and why we should not be worried, says an article published on our website. He describes what will happen, and explains why there is no reason to expect any sudden massive website outages.

Director of the TLD .RU / .РФ Coordination Center Andrei Vorobyov also expressed confidence that concerns about DNS Flag Day are greatly exaggerated.

“A study of Russian national domain zones showed that there are very few servers that incorrectly respond to updated requests in the Russian domains: at the end of December, there were about 80 non-compliant servers in the .RU zone (of tens of thousands of active servers), and about 20 in the .РФ zone. Furthermore, website non-performance will not be the main problem; the change might slow response times, but even that slowdown will only be felt by a small number of users visiting non-adapted resources. Most will not notice it, due to the way the address system works. So, the much-discussed Day X will pass almost unnoticed by Russian users.”