Coordination Center education projects presented at 2018 ITO


Director of the Coordination Center for TLD .RU/.РФ Andrei Vorobyev took part in the 29th Advanced Information Technology in Education international conference (ITO Troitsk Moscow) held on June 26. The conference, which has united specialists from Russia, the CIS and other countries for many years, was dedicated this year to the practical application of information technology in education.

Speaking at the plenary session, Andrei Vorobyev described the Coordination Center’s social projects such as the “Positive Content” and “DOT-Journalism” contest, the “Explore the Internet & Govern It!” online game, lectures that Coordination Center specialists regularly give to school and university students and the .ДЕТИ domain. He noted that each project was designed for a different audience so as to engage with various youth groups. For example, school students from all grades as well as college students take part in the “Explore the Internet & Govern It!” online game. The “Positive Content” contest is a chance to select the best websites for children and youth and also a chance for young people who create their own websites to get noticed and find support. The jury of the “DOT-Journalism” contest selects the best writers, media outlets and young correspondents writing about the internet and domains. Finally, .ДЕТИ is a safe environment for the younger generation formed by adults and children in collaboration.

“Educational activity is one of our most important priorities, and the Coordination Center pays it a lot of attention. Increasing information skills of children and young people, direct interaction with them and involving them in what we do – like governing the internet – result in us educating not simply a competent generation, but a talent pool for our industry”, Vorobyev said after the conference. Teachers were able to participate in a quiz of the “Explore the Internet & Govern It!” online game and sign up school teams for the national championship that will be held this fall at the Coordination Center’s stand.

ITO Troitsk Moscow, started in 1990, is Russia’s oldest international conference on information technology in education. In various years it has been organized by the Russian Ministry of Education and Science, the Moscow Region Ministry of Education, the Moscow Education Department, the UNESCO Institute for Information Technologies in Education, the Moscow Institute of Open Education, ITO and others. During this time, the conference was held at the initiative of the Bytic foundation, which has been an active participant.

Since 2013, the Moscow Education Department has provided full organizational and financial support to the conference. Its attention helped develop the conference’s innovative character and practical content.

The conference’s geographical scope is very wide: over 14,000 participants from 182 Russian cities in 50 regions as well as Ukraine, Belarus, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and other countries have attended it in these 27 years.