Competent organizations discovered 383 domain-violators


In January 2018, competent organizations submitted a total of 383 requests to the registrars for domain name termination. This information was mentioned in the latest monthly report of competent organizations published on the website of the Coordination Center for TLD .RU/.РФ.

Domains-violators were classified by the type of detected malicious activity. The highest number (169 requests) concerned domains that spread malware. They are followed by phishing resources (161 requests) and bot-net controllers (53 requests).

374 domains names' delegation was suspended during the reporting period at the request of the competent organizations. 9 domain names were not suspended because the domain administrators immediately eliminated the reasons for blocking or the hosting provider blocked the resource.

At the moment, 355 domain names remain blocked; in 19 cases domains were re-delegated upon the request of the corresponding competent organization after the reasons for blocking were eliminated. We remind that the Coordination Center for TLD .RU/.РФ introduced the practice of cooperation with organizations competent in determining violations on the Internet in 2012. These are the companies that give the Coordination Center and accredited registrars information on resources with illegal content, phishing cases, unauthorized access to information systems and distribution of malicious programs using domain names in .РФ and .RU zones. Registrars have a right to terminate delegation of such resources.

At the moment, there are eight competent organizations that cooperate with the Coordination Center – Safe Internet League, Group-IB, Kaspersky Lab, RU-CERT, Regional Public Centre for Internet-Technologies (ROCIT), Roskomnadzor, OOO BIZon and the Central Bank of Russia. Any Internet user can report a detected case of domain name’s inappropriate use by reporting to the hotline of one of these organizations and the measures will be taken immediately.