Topics of self-regulation and positive content were discussed at the Cyber Security Forum


On 6 February, 11th Cyber Security Forum took place and united the leading Russian and foreign cybersecurity experts. The Forum is the key part of the Safe Runet Week, the official series of events in Russia dedicated to the International Safer Internet Day, which is celebrated annually on 6 February.

Coordination Center for TLD .RU/.РФ was the partner of the Forum and CC experts took part in sessions and round tables. They talked about the Coordination Center’s contribution to the security of the Internet. For example, Sergey Kopylov, Deputy CEO of legal affairs of the Coordination Center for TLD .RU/.РФ, made a speech at the “Law and self-regulation” session. He talked about the elements of self-regulation used currently on the Internet. “Self-regulation shouldn’t step in the areas where there are developed legal norms already, because self-regulation mechanisms wouldn’t work there. However, in all other cases it can successfully develop. We see the examples of cellular services, hosting area and other high-tech services. One of the most striking examples of self-regulation is the mechanisms used to fight usage of domain names for illegal purposes. Under the Coordination Center, there is an institution of competent organizations. The partners monitor the Internet themselves and with the assistance of accredited registrars can shut down such domains”, said the expert.

Coordination Center’s social projects manager Victoria Bunchuk became the facilitator of the “Future of Positive Content” session. Participants shared what is been done today on the Internet to support positive initiatives and how the state and business assist in this. Victoria Bunchuk presented the criteria that were developed by an expert group under the public council of the Presidential Commissioner for Children's Rights. These criteria were submitted for consideration to be included in the “Decade of Childhood” program. On their bases the state program to support positive content could be revised. We remind that the expert group includes representatives of the Coordination Center for TLD .RU/.РФ. Participants also discussed how positive resources for children and teenagers are selected, where future workers in this field study and what is the best way to teach the basics of digital literacy to children.