My Interesting Internet competition results have been announced


The results of the All-Russia family contest on the topic of children’s safety online My Interesting Internet were announced. It was organized by Federal State Educational Institution of Culture Russian State Children’s Library, Coordination Center for TLD .RU/.РФ, Smart Internet Foundation (.ДЕТИ domain), Nedopusti! Foundation with support from Internet Development Fund and LitRes company. The contest’s purpose was to attract attention of children and adults to the issues of safe and ethical usage of the Internet and also to promote positive Internet content in children’s and adolescent’s environment that aids their education and development.

Hundreds of children from all regions of Russia as well as CIS countries took part in My Interesting Internet contest. To participate in the competition they were asked to shoot a video, write a story in any genre, create a poster or a comic book that reveals one of the topical issues in relation to Internet security and digital literacy.

Examination of the contest works was entrusted to a representative jury. It consisted of Andrey Vorobyev, CEO of the Coordination Center for TLD .RU/.РФ, Vladimir Mamontov, Director at Smart Internet Foundation and other well-known experts.


“Word” category

  • Shpichko family from Moscow for an essay “My Rules for Safe Behavior Online”
  • Slobodchikov Pavel (17 years old, Petrozavodsk) for an essay “Social Networks in my Life”
  • A group of students from Rovenki, Luhansk People’s Republic (Ivanov Sergey, Gerasimenko Ekaterina, Sotnikova Anastasia, Yasinkiy Ilya) for an essay “Social Networks in my Life”

“Video” category

  • Karimov family from the working village of Ozinki, Saratov region for a video about safe usage of Internet technologies
  • Sofya Kartaeva (13 years old, Saint Petersburg) for a video report “Safety on the Internet and on social networks”
  • Pupils at the children’s animation studio Insight from Izhevsk in Udmurt Republic (Vakhrusheva Anna, Ismailova Samira, Ismailov Polad) for an animated film “Be Careful: Internet!”

“Poster” category

  • Merezhnikov family from Novouralsk, Sverdlov region for a poster “Bad and Good Websites: How to Tell Them Apart”
  • Anna Nesterova (7th grade, Zhigulevsk, Samara region) for a poster “Protection of Personal Data”
  • Polina Khromichkina and Karin Kulesh (6th grade, Zheleznogorsk, Kursk region) for a poster “Be Safe on the Internet: viruses are not the only danger”

A preview video with all works of the winners is available here.

We congratulate the winners of My Interesting Internet contest!