FREE.GAMES domain sold for $335,000


New gTLDs are rarely sold for big money and each deal is a notable event. The sale of the FREE.GAMES domain name at the end of May might be considered an exceptional event: the name was sold for $335,000. According to DN Journal, this is the year’s largest deal so far on the new domains market. In all, the sale of FREE.GAMES currently ranks 8th and is the only one that is not about the domain .COM.

There have been even larger deals with new domains, but all of them were made between registries and buyers. In this case, the seller, Chad Wright of Web Quest, was a domain investor who purchased the domain from the registry. According to Domain Name Wire, he bought three premium domain names, FREE.GAMES, SHOOTING.GAMES and RACING.GAMES from the Rightside registry (now part of Donuts) for a total of $100,000. This current sale of one of these three names has proven to be a healthy investment. At the same time Wright himself thinks that this was the lowest possible price. He said that he could have waited and got more money. But he urgently wanted to invest in cryptocurrency.