ICANN to expand the number of authorities resolving domain disputes


The agenda of the regular ICANN Board of Directors meeting, which will be held on May 3, has been approved. It includes a clause on granting rights to the Canadian International Internet Dispute Resolution Center (CIIDRC) to resolve domain disputes under the UDRP. According to Domain Incite, the inclusion of the issue in the agreed upon agenda means that the relevant decision has already received preliminary approval.

Thus, CIIDRC will become the sixth authority (and the second in North America) officially authorized by ICANN to resolve domain disputes. Currently, this right is vested in the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), the US National Arbitration Forum, the Asian Domain Name Dispute Resolution Center, the Arab Center for Domain Name Dispute, and the Czech Arbitration Court - Arbitration Center for Internet Disputes.

The CIIDRC filed its application with ICANN a year ago. The Canadian Center is a branch of the British Columbia International Commercial Arbitration Center. Since 2002, under a contract with the CIRA, it has the exclusive right to resolve domain disputes in the national domain of Canada .CA. A total of 26 arbitrators participate in reaching decisions, many of whom are also involved in the work on the resolution of domain disputes in the WIPO and the National Arbitration Forum.