KPMG switches to a dot-brand gTLD


KPMG, a major international company, has recently announced that it will be moving its website to the .KPMG dot-brand domain. Together with Deloitte, Ernst & Young and PwC, this audit and consulting company forms the so-called Big Four of the world’s leading audit firms. KPMG’s 2018 revenue was estimated at some $26 billion; it is a highly recognizable and respected brand in the corporate world. Because of this, the company’s decision to use a dot-brand domain for their main website is great news for all new gTLDs. It serves as an example to other companies that fail to find a use for their registered dot-brand gTLDs, being too afraid to move from their .com domains.

Today, users visiting are automatically redirected to, Domain Incite reports. This address is also the first to appear in KPMG search results. The company states that since the domain is fully operated by KPMG, visitors can be sure that the information provided on websites in .KPMG is authentic.