.SITE hits a million names


The Radix registry reported that its new .SITE gTLD reached the milestone of one million registered names on Monday. According to CEO Sandeep Ramchandani, the recent growth came as a result of an active marketing campaign internally code-named September Thrust. As part of this campaign, .SITE was advertised on the home pages of large registrars and via emails, and the price of annual registration was reduced to 99 cents for some companies.

Such a “thrust” was effective: by the end of last September, there were about 561,000 registered names in the domain, but the subsequent growth was very rapid. However, domains registered at such low prices are often bought simply “just in case,” and their registration is not renewed in the future. Therefore, the final results of the September Thrust will only be known by the end of this year. One way or another, the tactical goal was clearly achieved. Domain Incite emphasizes that Radix is the first registry to have two new gTLDs − .ONLINE and .SITE − reach the milestone of a million registrations. According to Ntldstats, at the beginning of this week, only six new domains have one million registered names, including .TOP, .XYZ, .LOAN and .CLUB.