NBC set to offer sports betting


Last week, NBC registered numerous sports betting domain names, including NBCSportbook.com and NBCSportsSportsbook.com, as well as non-.com versions of NBCSportsBet, NBCSportsBets, NBCSportsbook and NBCSportsBetting, registered in other DNS zones, according to Domain Name Wire.

In May 2018, the US Supreme Court allowed states to legalize sports betting, banned by a 1992 federal act; and over 50 percent of all states have done this to date. From now on, domain names linked with this activity are expected to become highly popular. According to analysts, NBC can offer its own sports betting platform. This all-out registration of domain names can be used for protective purposes: For example, NBCSportsBet, NBCSportsBets и NBCSportsBetting were registered in the non.com zone because all .com names have already been used up.