Domain Industry News

A malicious user bragged about earning $760,000 using the dark web’s typosquat domains >>>
The American corporation Honeywell dumps its own dot-brand domain >>>
This decision might cause an uncontrolled price hike >>>
Last year it examined 3,447 UDRP cases >>>
The company’s contract with ICANN is cancelled, but the registrar can still receive compensation for its irresponsibility >>>
CENTR association published new report >>>
The domain will be auctioned, but Verisign will only receive less than $8 >>>
ICANN 64 conference opened in Kobe, Japan >>>
Less than a quarter of all the third-level registrants in the UK domain space exercised their right to register matching second-level domains >>>
APWG releases a regular quarterly report >>>