Domain Industry News

ICANN's CEO Search Committee has announced that, along with their HR partner, they have collected well over 100 candidates for the position. After 27 potential candidates were selected by Odgers Berndtson, ICANN's HR partner, 16 of them were then interviewed by the company's board by phone. >>>
  • French accents to be allowed in .CA
  • Verisign places a hefty sum apart for dozen new gTLDs
  • Cybersquatting criminalized in the Philippines
  • IANA contract is up for bidding
  • Advertisers push domain wars to the next step
  • Registrar faces shutdown threat
  • Google puts domain names under pressure
  • Large companies skeptical about new gTLDs
  • Go Daddy celebrates its 50,000,000 domain
  • Munich: Oktoberfest… and then some
  • New suspension policy isn't that cheap… or is it?
  • Speedo versus the bisexual blogger
  • Landrush in .asia
  • Six French TLDs available in the EU
  • India, Brazil and South Africa call for creation of "new global body" to control the Internet
  • Time for special names in UAE's domain
  • Boundaries for internet privacy stretch outside EU
  • .co still in high demand
  • Advertising industry vs. ICANN
  • European Commission wants total control
  • IPv4 trading worries ARIN
  • 30,000 more domains to register in .fr
  • Advertisers vs. ICANN
  • .xxx makes its first steps
  • Blame the domain owner
  • Bit-squatting on the rise
  • .com still more popular than .co
  • ITU makes applying for a gTLD cheaper
  • ICANN in search for 'creative solutions'
  • .co still has short domains on sale
  • Check my .xxx
  • Landrush for short and numeric-only .tel domains starts
  • Who needs privacy when there are social networks
  • Japan plans to apply for two new gTLDs
  • Governments to block names in .xxx