ICANN asks registries to freeze Net 4 India expired domains

ICANN asked all domain registries to exempt from deletion expired domain names registered via Net 4 India. As previously reported, the company had been the largest independent domain registrar in India, but faced serious financial difficulties a few years ago. And the crisis caused by the coronavirus completely undermined its position: over the past year, the company's offices shut down, the support service phones were disconnected, and even its website stopped functioning in September.

All of this has affected many thousands of Net 4 India customers. They were unable to renew the domain registrations due to expire last year, or to transfer the domains to another registrar. ICANN alone received more than 8,000 complaints about such problems, but it is easy to understand that the real number of affected customers is much higher. The solution would have been to terminate ICANN's contract with Net 4 India and transfer its powers and clients to another accredited registrar. ICANN was ready to take that step at the beginning of this year. However, the Indian insolvency court is hearing Net 4 India’s case, and it petitioned to preserve the contract between ICANN and Net 4 India pending the end of the proceedings.

In fact, ICANN is not obliged to comply with the decisions of the Indian court, reports Domain Incite. But the corporation considered it necessary to listen to its opinion and postpone drastic measures until the end of the proceedings. The next court hearing was supposed to take place on April 27, but it could well have been postponed, given the coronavirus surge in India in recent days. One way or another, there is no information about the court session yet.

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