Porsche loses Porsche.social URS


Car company Porsche has unexpectedly lost a case it brought against porsche.social. On July 26, the famous company filed a complaint to the National Arbitration Forum insisting on a uniform rapid suspension (URS) of the domain.

owever, the URS panel found in favor of Interactiv Corporation, the domain administrator.  The defendant’s representatives told the URS panel that the domain administrator plans to use the domain name for a free community for Porsche car enthusiasts and will put a disclaimer on every webpage that it is not affiliated with or authorized by the car company.

Surprisingly, Karl V. Fink, the chairman of the panel, found this explanation sufficient. “The complainant has not established by clear and convincing evidence that Registrant has no right or interest in the domain name and has not established that the domain was registered or is being used in bad faith,” he wrote in his decision. Observers are puzzled by the Forum’s decision. According to its logic, anyone can register a brand name in the new .social domain – all you need to do is  claim future plans to create a free community site.